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In this section, we provide for consultation the publications edited by the Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Vila Real, works carried out with high scientific standards that present the centuries-old history and the invaluable heritage of this Institution.


The Misericórdia of Vila Real and the Misericórdias in the Portuguese-Speaking World

In September 2010, it took place in the Auditorium of Vila Real District Archive, the International Seminar The Misericórdia of Vila Real and the Misericórdias in the Portuguese-Speaking World, with the contribution of renowned experts from Portugal, Spain and Brazil. This volume brings together, in over 700 pages, the works presented in that event, with the aim of raising awareness of the important social and humanitarian role that the Misericórdia of Vila Real has played since its foundation, and highlighting its exceptional historical, artistic and documentary heritage, in the broader context of the importance that Misericórdias had at various levels, both in Portugal and in the Portuguese-speaking world.


The Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Vila Real. History and Heritage

This work, the result of a research carried out over two years by CEPESE – Research Centre for the Study of Population, Economics and Society, is divided into two parts. The first one concerns the history of the Misericórdia of Vila Real from an institutional point of view, its origins, institutional organization, the establishment and management of its assets, the processions and festivities it held, its hospital, and its characterization at present. The second part analyses Misericórdia’s immovable heritage, its construction, evolution and present constitution, and presents an inventory with its valuable movable heritage, consisting of portrait painting, religious painting, sculpture, textiles and garments, jewelry, carvings, equipment and utensils.