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School-Residence Florinhas da Neve

The School-Residence Florinhas da Neve hosts 35 female children and young women, deprived of a family environment appropriate for their physical and intellectual development, by providing personal and social care services, while giving them the indispensable means for their personal enhancement.

Children are accompanied by four Franciscan Hospitaller sisters, one of which serves as general director, a technical director, a psychologist, an elementary school teacher, a social service expert, a music teacher, a ballet teacher, an English teacher, a seamstress, a laundry worker, two cooks and two assistants, besides other staff members, in a total of 26 workers. Whenever justified, the School-Residence resorts to the collaboration of specialized personnel from outside the Institution.

In 2009, the Administrative Board approved the creation of an Autonomy Residence, providing for that end a properly furnished and equipped apartment, to accommodate young women over the age of eighteen, who are therefore preparing to begin their working life, but for various circumstances, are still in need for some support or guidance. This Residence is currently occupied by two young women.