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Assistance services created by the Misericórdia

Although the Divine Providence Hospital constitutes the main establishment of the Misericórdia of Vila Real during the 19th and 20th centuries, the truth is that the Misericórdia, in the 20th century, created and welcomed services in order to respond to situations concerning social needs: in a first stage, under the objectives of the assistance reform established by the New State (Portuguese Dictatorship), by Law No. 27 610 of April 1, 1937, according to the doctrine of the Portuguese Constitution of 1933, and the restructuring of assistance in the district of Vila Real achieved by its governor, Assis Gonçalves; in a second stage, under the legislation produced by the State in the last two decades – in 1990, the Misericórdia received the legal status of Private Social Solidarity Institution.

Accordingly, in 1937, the Misericórdia created the School of Arts and Crafts; in 1940, the School-Residence Florinhas da Neve (Snow Flowers); in 1987, the Immaculate Conception Retirement Home, a Nursery school and a Kindergarten; in 1989, a Leisure Activities Centre; in 1992, the Juvenile Home; in 1999, the Integrated Support Unit; in 2003, the Residence-Hotel; and in 2009, the Social Canteen.