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School-Residence Florinhas da Neve (1940)

The School-Residence Florinhas da Neve, also known as School for Housewives, began its activity in 1940-1941, in the extent of the reorganization of the welfare services in the district of Vila Real, leaving the establishment under the guidance of the Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters. It opened with 42 poor children, who usually remained until they were 18 years old, when they were placed "in homes of serious and moral families or in workshops".

Over time, the initial facilities began to degrade, forcing the Misericórdia to develop a project from scratch, able to answer the demands of functionality and comfort wanted by the Institution. In 1998, when the construction of the new facilities was completed, near the old ones, the School-Residence Florinhas da Neve moved to these, with the entrance by D. Antonio Valente da Fonseca Street, recently opened and paved, and still under the supervision of the Franciscan Sisters.