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The material heritage belonging to the Misericórdia of Vila Real represents an important chapter in the artistic history of Vila Real and it’s essential to understand tastes, trends, the generosity of those who ordered the works and the skills of those who carried them out. The route taken across the Misericórdia’s built and movable heritage reveals not only the centuries-old heritage of the Institution, but also a significant part of the history of architecture and art in general of Vila Real. It is not an easy road to travel, due to the scarce documentation and frequent changes over time, which hinder the different chronological readings. Despite these difficulties, this heritage reflects the commitment and dedication of many locals that, since the Misericórdia’s foundation, put their resources at the service of the Institution. Alongside these figures, more or less present in the collective memory, we found many others who contributed to the realization of buildings and objects that were and are part of the Misericórdia’s space and life. With a few exceptions, we found no renowned authors, but the richness and quality of the art they’ve produced deserve to be definitely taken out of anonymity.