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Built Heritage

The built heritage of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Vila Real consists essentially of four buildings: the Misericórdia’s Church, original headquarters of the Brotherhood; the facilities of the former Divine Providence Hospital, where its current headquarters are installed together with some other services; St. Anne’s Chapel next to its headquarters; and St. Anne’s Chapel in Minhava. It this also important to mention the current City Hall of Vila Real, built by the Misericórdia to host its Hospital, but in the meantime acquired by the municipality. We speak, of course, only of built heritage with historic value, since, at present, the Misericórdia of Vila Real owns many other properties, recently constructed, including the Quinta da Petisqueira, where it runs the Immaculate Conception Retirement Home, and the Florinhas da Neve set of buildings, which includes a nursery school and a kindergarten.